SCiBTM Rechargeable Battery

Advanced and safe
battery solutions for a
sustainable environment.

Unmatched pace and appetite for economic development has put India at the centre stage of urbanization. This rapid urbanization however, also stresses upon the transport infrastructure leading to congestion and pollution. Reducing tailpipe emissions from urban transportation is critical to address the increasing pollution and public transport system to lead this transformation is the key.

Building Solutions-Elevators & Air Conditioners

Creating Environmentally Sustainable Buildings.

Buildings have an unavoidable impact on everything we do in our lives. Today, the buildings are evolving to be more efficient, reliable and safe..


Toshiba’s elevator excels on performance, comfortable ride, safety, environment sustainability, aesthetics, and after sales support, which form the cornerstones of elevator industry.


Toshiba air-conditioners offers technologically advanced, energy-efficient air conditioning solutions – contributing to a safer, more comfortable, more productive life.

Powering up Smart Cities.

Lithium-ion batteries are proving to be the reliable option for optimizing the usage of excess energy and renewable energy, providing the perfect power solution for the world’s growing number of positive energy smart cities.As global urbanization and digitization continue to rise, the world is turning to smart energy management to meet rising energy demands. But power production from renewables can fluctuate wildly with more energy produced than is required at the time.We now need reliable batteries to store and help deliver power to an increasing range of devices and growing number of city dwellers. Without a solution, we could be plunged back into the digital dark ages.

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